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are tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.  The creation of a new restaurant is an exciting and trying time in the life of any restaurateur.  Having a location open on time with the least amount of difficulty will have a dramatic effect on the potential of the new venture.  Hospitality Design Group, Inc. has combined its services with the following philosophical elements to insure achievement of this goal...

Creativity: We have a vast variety of projects that have been completed over the years.  This knowledge and our specializing in restaurant design helps HDG stay in touch with all the current trends and innovations at are happening in the restaurant industry nationwide.

Technical Expertise: HDG was created as a specialized design group dealing only in restaurant design.  To assist us, we have sot out and found the top engineers, food service designers and contractors who have also specialized in restaurant design.


Competitive Fees:   Even though we have specialized, our fees are based upon the cost of time in creating the new concepts and the time involved in creating the documents required to have it built to your specifications.  This allows us to keep our fees reasonably priced to fit within your budget.


Sense of Urgency:  The schedule is everything and everything is the schedule.  We understand the demands placed upon you to meet your development schedule.  HDG has instituted polices and procedures to keep project schedules to a minimum.


Budget Sensitivity: All new construction efforts have budget restraints. It is our job to bring all projects in under budget and to find opportunities to create savings within the budget.


Responsiveness: HDG has a policy to respond to its clients as fast as humanly possible.  Whether it is by facsimile or same day delivery service, HDG has taken steps to find the quickest way to respond to our clients, long before it was fashionable.   Waiting a long time for an answer is not an option for you.


Accessibility: We have communication systems in place to insure complete accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Managing Expectations:  You have certain expectations that need to be met and it is HDG’s job to meet those expectations as well as managing the expectations we have placed upon our consultants.


Dependability: We understand that we are only as good as our last project.  Therefore, we do whatever it takes to deliver a quality project on schedule.


Flexibility: Not all sites are the same nor all schedules the same.  HDG prides itself on being flexible enough to handle all situations encountered while maintaining both the budget and the schedule.


New Construction


Prototype Design

Site Adaptation

As-built Documentation

Site Evaluation

ADA Compliance Evaluation

Budget Development

Construction Administration & Observation


Landscape Design

Interior Design

Interior Decorating
Art & Decor Purchasing
FF&E Selection Evaluation
Specification Development
FF&E Purchasing & Expiditing
FF&E Installation
Construction Observation

Food Service Design

Design & Fabrication
As-built Documentation
Equipment Evaluation
Needs Assessment
Installation Coordination
Operations Consulting
Menu Development
Start-up Consulting